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    “If you would like to discuss your case with the prosecutor or request a recommendation emailed to you in your matter in an attempt to resolve it, please fill out the form below and upload a copy of your ticket along with any supporting information. If this is an accident case, please make sure to upload a copy of your insurance at the time of the offense. The prosecutor will review your case file and if appropriate email you a recommendation and instructions on how to resolve. The recommendation will indicate if an appearance is required, and instructions on how to resolve the case with the Court if appropriate.

    If you do not hear back from the prosecutor or do not get your ticket resolved prior to the court date on the ticket, your appearance in Court is still required. Your failure to appear in Court may result in a warrant being issued for your arrest. Any recommendation the prosecutor makes is only a recommendation and is not binding on the Court or Municipal Judge. Since the prosecutor represents the City of Branson, she cannot give you legal advice. Furthermore, we cannot recommend particular attorneys or provide referrals to attorneys. If you need an attorney in Missouri please visit

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