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Advisory Park Board Member Application

  1. Advisory Park Board Member Application

    This application is for residents interested in volunteering to serve on the Advisory Park Board and is due to the City Clerk’s office by 4:30 p.m. on Aptril 22, 2021.

  2. Appointment Authority:

    “…ten members to be appointed by the mayor with the approval of the board. The members shall be residents of the city, shall hold office for a term of three years, and shall be appointed so as one-third of the advisory park board shall be appointed in any one year, beginning with June 1 of each year” – Branson Municipal Code Sec. 62-46

  3. Duties

    “…make recommendations to the city administrator or the board on all major proposals and propositions for the construction, reconstruction, and improvements of public parks and recreational facilities in the city, including the acquisition of lands for park purposes; or the acquisition or disposal of major recreational equipment and facilities; or existing recreational programs and the initiation of new programs or city-sponsored recreational and cultural programs in the recreational system; on major issues of care and maintenance of the city's park system and facilities; and any other issue relating to the recreation fund that the advisory park board may deem necessary to bring forward to the city administrator or the board.” – Branson Municipal Code Sec. 62-47

  4. Terms:

    Expires - June 2024

  5. Contact Information

    Under Missouri state statute, 610 RSMo or otherwise known as the Sunshine Law, all information is public.

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  8. Please submit this application below, or via email to or deliver to the City Clerk's Office, City of Branson, 110 W. Maddux St., Ste. 205, Branson, MO 65616 or fax to 417-335-4354.

  9. Acknowledgement*

    I have read and understand the application and I swear or affirm the statements provided are true. I understand the application is open to the public and will be available on the City’s website.

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