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Mayoral Proclamations and Letters

  1. Mayoral Proclamations and Letters
    Please submit at least three weeks prior to due date.

    Guidelines for All Documents:
    • Any document must be in writing
    • Due to the importance of Proclamations, only a limited number are issued each year. All proclamations are reviewed by the Mayor, though not all requests are granted.
    • Language sent by the requester may be edited or revised without notice at the discretion of the Mayor's office.
    • The event must have a direct impact on the City of Branson
    • The type of document prepared by the Mayor's office will be selected by the Mayor for appropriateness and in some cases my differ from the request
  2. General Information for Proclamations:
    • Proclamations are issued by the Office of the Mayor to provide for the Mayor to recognize exceptional people, groups, or events.
    • The goal is to distinguish and celebrate the achievement or occasion and bring public awareness of issues
    • They recognize a day, a week, or a month
  3. General Information for Welcome Letters
    • A greeting letter is used for programs, brochures, and other publications for medium to large-size events taking place in Branson. The Mayor enjoys writing letters to reunion groups, conventions and organizations that gather in Branson to discuss new ideas and trends in their area of interest, and welcome them to our community.
    • The decision to write these letters is done completely at the discretion of the Mayor, the Mayor and staff reserve the right to deny requests for greeting letters at any time.
  4. General Information for Letter of Support
    • The Mayor and Board are happy to consider writing a letter of support that will bring in project finding and increased experience to our community
    • Please include details explaining your proposal and timeline
    • The Mayor will seek guidance from appropriate departments
    • The matter will be taken to the City of Branson Board of Aldermen for their discussion, including the possible requirement of approval by resolution of the Board. If this is the case, the approval time may be as much as six weeks.
  5. General Information for Congratulatory Letter
    • The Mayor is happy to recognize birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, and other outstanding achievements by our residents.
    • This includes the recognition of the achievements of young people, such as those who have reached Eagle Scout, or are the recipient of the Girl Scout Gold Award, who are either residents of the City, or who have performed significant service to the City of Branson through their Scouting Work.
    • Recognition of an extraordinary achievement benefiting the community of Branson
    • Outstanding Service or deed by a person or organization; subject to review
  6. General Information for Other:
    • Must have a direct impact to the City
    • The type of document prepared by the Mayor's office will be selected by the Mayor's office for appropriateness
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