Why does my water sometimes taste or smell bad?

Several factors can play a role in creating taste and odors in drinking water. Some of the most common are:

  • If the taste is chlorine it is usually one of two reasons, either the chlorine levels in the tap water are too low, most common, or too high.
  • If your drinking water has an organic or earthy taste it is normally caused by algae bloom in source surface water. Since Branson uses about 94% surface water from Lake Taneycomo for our water supply there are periods of time during the year where this taste is very noticeable. Although a nuisance, the water is still completely safe to drink.
  • If you have a rotten egg smell especially in your hot water lines the problem is usually formed in a water heater. Bacteria may form and grow especially if there is low water usage through the unit. Flushing water through the water heater periodically will usually eliminate the problem.

For further assistance with, or more information about any of these conditions call the Utilities Department at 417-243-2740.

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