Connections & Development

To assist in the development of residential and commercial property, the City of Branson wants to provide the necessary information to make the process easier when connecting to the water and sewer systems. Prior to plan submittal, it is encouraged to contact the Utilities Plan Reviewer to determine the location of nearby water and sewer as well as any plan submittal requirements.

Outside City Limits Sewer Connection

If a property is outside the city limits and the owners request connection to the City of Branson sewer system, a Water and Sewer Service Connection Agreement may be required. Please contact the Utilities Plan Reviewer at 417-243-2733, or by email, for details.

If it becomes necessary to cut into a city street to make a connection or repair, a Right-of-Way Permit will be required through the Public Works Department. Public Works’ and Utilities approval is required before the permit is issued.