Fireworks - Celebrate Safely!

  • Fireworks are sold in the State of Missouri from June 20 through July 10. 
  • Fireworks may be discharged in the City of Branson on July 3 & 4 from 7am till Midnight. 
  • Please ask property owners for permission to discharge fireworks if staying in area lodging facilities or near attractions. 
  • Make sure you clean up and dispose of spent fireworks after they have cooled (better yet, soaked with water) and not leave any trash behind – it’s littering! 
  • The discharging of fireworks are discouraged on City Property including City Parks.
  • Fireworks may not be discharged within 600 feet of a church, hospital, public school or place of assembly including theaters. They are not to be discharged within 100 feet of a fireworks sales tent or thrown from a motor vehicle. 
  • The safest use of fireworks – attend a Commercial Fireworks Display. There are six fireworks displays in the City of Branson this year and are listed below.
  • Sky Lanterns are no longer permitted to be used as identified in the International Fire Code

Branson Firefighters Encourage Fireworks Safety Ahead of Holiday

BRANSON, Mo –Branson Firefighters urge you to Celebrate Safely when purchasing and discharging fireworks to keep your family safe and to prevent fires, in the days leading up to the Fourth of July Holiday.

In the City of Branson, fireworks may be purchased from June 20 through July 10 but only discharged from 7 a.m. to midnight on July 3rd and 4th only.

Fires and injury are two common results when fireworks are not used properly according to the fire department.

“We encourage everyone to follow instructions on the label of all the different types of fireworks,” said Fire Chief Ted Martin. “Fireworks should never be held in the hand and safety glasses should be used. It takes just seconds to lose an eye, cause burns or traumatic injury,” added Martin.

Even seemingly harmless, sparklers cause injuries. For children under the age of five, sparklers account for three-quarters of all fireworks injuries. Fascinated by the bright sparks, children may wrap their hands around a stick of fire that maintain temperatures reaching 1800 degrees.

 Following injuries, fireworks cause thousands of fires each year across the nation. Lighters, matches and projectile type fireworks are the leading causes of fires during the Fourth of July Holiday. A misguided bottle rocket landing on a roof could start a devastating fire. With hot temperatures and minimal rainfall over the past weeks, firefighters also have a deep concern for fireworks causing grass and brush fires.

As a safety reminder, firefighters offer these simple tips:

  • Always purchase fireworks from reliable fireworks stands that sell only Class C (common) or 1-4.G fireworks.
  • Fireworks activities should always be done under the close supervision of an adult.
  • Never point fireworks at another person.
  • Use fireworks only in a clear area outside away from buildings and vehicles.
  • Never shoot fireworks in a metal or glass container.
  • Light only one item at a time and move away quickly.
  • Always keep a water source, like buckets of water or a garden hose, close by to cool used fireworks completely and to extinguish any small fires.

If you have any questions concerning fireworks and their safe usage, contact the Branson Fire Department’s Technical Services Division at (417) 243-2790.

Commercial Fireworks Displays in Branson:

  • July 3 - Branson Landing – Commercial Fireworks shot from a barge on Lake Taneycomo.
  • July 4 - Chateau on the Lake Resort
  • July 4 - Treasure Lake Resort

Fire department staff will be on-site at each of these events. Please feel free to stop by to visit with the firefighters and tour the fire apparatus and equipment.

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