Operations Division

Fire Department Operations

The Operations Division is made up of 33 emergency response personnel equipped and prepared for emergency mitigation of all types, including fires, emergency medical incidents, rescue, and hazardous materials response. Our goal is to make Branson a safe and memorable destination for our visitors and to be an integral part of our resident community.

While the City of Branson currently has a resident population of 10, 520 people, we entertain up to eight million visitors a year. With such a large tourism based population, our firefighters are faced with many issues. Although we are a relatively small town, we are faced with big city challenges. In order to meet those challenges, each firefighter spends an average of 300-400 hours per year in training programs to maintain and enhance their skills.

Although firefighters respond to a growing number of emergencies each year, they spend many hours in the community assisting the fire departments Technical Services Division with risk reduction programs such as fire and life safety inspections and public education. Due to an emphasis on risk reduction programs and an average response time of 4 minutes or less, actual dollar loss from fire remains low.