The Operations Division consists of Communications and Patrol. 


Patrol officers respond to all calls for service, both emergency and non-emergency. Patrol responsibilities include:
  • Patrolling all areas of the city, both by vehicle and by foot patrol
  • Serving warrants and apprehending suspects
  • Directing traffic as needed and enforcing traffic rules and regulations
  • Investigating vehicle accidents and completing report
  • Conducting initial criminal investigations
  • Investigating suspicious persons and missing persons
  • Prisoner processing
  • Court appearances
  • Special assignments as delegated by administration



Communications Officers coordinate interactions between the public and police. In 2012 communications officers handled just under 30,000 actual incidents and answered a vastly greater number of telephone calls to the Branson Police Department.  Their responsibilities include:
  • Taking all non-emergency and emergency 911 calls
  • Dispatching officers and/or firefighters to calls for service
  • Running wanted person and stolen property checks
  • Activating sirens for emergency messages

When You Call The Police Department
  • Remain calm, speak clearly, answer all questions
  • Stay on the telephone until directed otherwise
  • Make notes on suspect and vehicle descriptions

Parking Enforcement

Parking Enforcement handles parking violations, typically overtime, handicapped, or other illegal parking matters.